Anne McCaffery – my inspiration

I can’t yet say I am at the level of writing as pioneer female fantasy writer Anne McCaffery, but she certainly sparked my interest in dragon lore. Anne may be best known for her Pern novels and they’ve fully gripped me. I dreamt of writing a single novel decades ago, but as I worked and my mind wouldn’t release me from my interest, I found that a single novel is now three, with Rise of the Daejeen being released later in 2020. But, the story of Shakja, Shook, Queen Amanna, and Aput doesn’t end there. In each novel I find myself creating and falling in love with new characters, such as the young Indra, which propel new story-lines forward and new novels being summarized in my fodler of ideas.

To think, this all started with a pioneer in the fantasy writing industry and someone I aspire to be. Thank you Anne McCaffery.

If you would like to learn more about Anne check out this interview I found with Anne McCaffery nearly 20 years ago.

And for a list of Anne McCaffery books you can go here.

About me

I am a fantasy writer who spends much of my daydreaming up worlds of nefarious dragons. I would love if you take the time to read my novels which you can find below. I love reviews, so please take a moment to leave a review. 


Fall of the Drjeen
Birth of the Drajeen

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