Well, it’s finally here. The Rise of the Drajeen is now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon. For those of you who have been following the lore of the planet Jeen, this is the third book in the series. For those who haven’t started reading the Blue Star Series, what in the world are you waiting for?…

Fall of the Drjeen – Book excerpt

Chapter 1 The third moon, Espee, light as an orange mist and hovering as if it had no care perched at the quarter-angle above the lower settlement. It’s crest slowly dropped along the jagged silhouette peaks of the Varn Mountains. The peaks glowed white as the rising sun announced its presence far away before ascending…


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Hi, I’m Sarah, and since I can remember I have been in love with stories and lore about dragons. My writing passion began as a glimpse into the planet of Jeen and what originally was a one-off novel, is now a series. While I love writing about the world of Jeen, sometimes a girls got to step away. My blog is a mix of thoughts on writing, amazing curated content from other writers, excerpts and news about my upcoming books. Thank you for reading and please follow my blog and interact through comments and likes when you get a chance.

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