My Books and Short Stories

Fall of the Drjeen

Fall of the Drjeen – Published June 2019

A blue star has emerged over the planet of Jeen tossing chaos into a hierarchical world of castes. The Drjeen royalty are torn: flee, stay… Or, does life no longer matter? How long will the lower settlement stay subservient as the royals follow ancient and secretive traditions of betrayal, assassination, and ego?

Can a low-caste Drjeen and the most lauded warrior of the daken riders save the remnants of a civilization destined to be changed forever?

Join Shakja and Shook as they journey into the Fall of the Drjeen.

Birth of the Draeen

Birth of the Drajeen – Published November 2019

An asteroid has forced an exodus of ill-stricken Drjeen into quarantine within the Cavern of the Ancients. Amidst descension in ranks, deceit, and survival these Drjeen emerge from the cavern more peaceful, yet bound with more strength than ever before.

But, as they escape the Cavern of the Ancients are their new beliefs and powers strong enough to survive on a fractured surface world now alien to them?

Follow Shakja, Shook, Princess Amanna, and Aput as they try to keep their ranks united while fending off an old enemy.