Dissecting Shakja: Servitude to the most powerful Drajeen

Fall of the Drjeen

When I began writing Fall of the Drjeen I had considered a single novel. However, as the stories evolved it became clear that Fall of the Drjeen was only the first book of the series. As characters come and go, one stability is that of Shakja. In servitude of the lower settlement, slaving in farm fields and raising the daken, Shakja was beautiful, strong-willed, and intelligent. However, she was also victim of her birth being born of the lowest class.

It took a blue asteroid to change all of that as hierarchy became irrelevant in her new world. Despite spending her time under the will of others, when she became second only to the queen, she exposed something most Drjeen had never seen before – humility.

The humility that Shakja displays through the first two books, Fall of the Drjeen and Rise of the Drajeen, is what makes her my favorite character. She has the natural abilities, the strength, and even the mystical powers of the Ancients, yet she uses them for good rather than evil.

While Shakja may not go down as the most powerful Drajeen to use her skills for good, she will certainly go down in history as the most beloved and first. She showed an entire race how to use their abilities for good, the arching all for one and one for all approach to a successful civilization. And that is exactly what is happening in the third book (to be released later this year), but will the success of the Drajeen last? It’s unknown, really, I have no idea.

Shakja has created a utopian society. But, is she strong enough to survive it?

You tell me!

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Fall of the Drjeen
Birth of the Drajeen