5 reasons I love writing about dragons

In my Blue Star series, it becomes evident early on that I enjoy writing about humanoid dragons who are the main inhabitants of the three-mooned planet Jeen.

But, what is it about dragons that I love so much? Well, first off, while I am no longer a flight instructor, I still can’t help but feel a love for flight, being thousands of feet above the world. Perhaps it’s the solitude, or maybe even the heavy shuffling wind as it rocks my Cessna gently, providing a doldrum of sound, similar, yet thicker than sitting next to a floor fan.

Undeniably this is a feeling that I will always hold close to me.

But, whether I am writing or reading an Anne McCaffery novel, I find that my excitement grows and my obsession lingers. So, why do I love writing about dragons? Here are five reasons:

They’re cruel

I want to preface this by saying I am not cruel. But much like an erotica novelist lives vicariously through her characters I do with mine. To be fair, most dragons, whether Drjeen, Drajeen, or Daejeen (especially the Drajeen) are not cruel at all. However, the elites tend to be nefarious, and in the third book, Rise of the Daejeen, slated to come out midyear-2020, you will have the opportunity to see the full length of their malicious behavior. Backstabbing twists in the Daejeen ranks leaves no one safe, especially their own. Jeen is a “dragon eat dragon” world – quite literally.

Dragons can also be enlightening

In the Fall of the Drjeen we find a world that is on the brink of extinction as a “star” is plummeting toward the planet of Jeen. What happens is an organic split of good and evil, where rank and hierarchy no longer exists. But, the enlightened ones seemingly prevail or at least survive to create a new race of dragon called the Drajeen. As in the second book Birth of the Drajeen, they discover new abilities and the curious experience of one for all and all for one (thank you Alexandre Dumas), they find that a path together is an enlightened one. An enlightened race of dragons may not be as dramatic as a nefarious race, but in the Blue Star series, I have the benefit of pitting one against the other.


In my first book, Fall of the Drjeen, I begin in an early stage of dragon evolution. In fact, many live in wooden huts in the lower kingdom without the ability to fly. However, they are still powerful. From thunderous wing bursts to the daken riders, I love the strength of dragons.

Ancient wisdom exists

In the Fall of the Drjeen the ill are moved to the Cavern of the Ancients. Little does anyone know, the cavern would be a host of mysticism only spoken of in seemingly forgotten – or destroyed – history. The Cavern of the Ancients opens the reader up to a split between good and evil and how ancient wisdom will play a role in future books.

Epic stories

I like to keep my stories short, focusing on multiple plotlines that evolve into something powerful and forward-looking in the end. The stories end with a thought of promise, though much like the Star Wars Saga you never know if good or evil will pull through in the end. That is why hope is necessary. Where many stories I read, or movies I watch with dragons have a single dragon or even a small weyr or thunder of dragons I don’t find many books pitting entire races of dragons against each other. So, rather than a single dragon destroying a human or troll army, the Drajeen, and Daejeen must destroy each other because they cannot exist together.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on dragons, your fantasy writing, or my books. You can find links to my books above or on my books page. As always, subscribers to Kindle Unlimited can read my books for free.

Best wishes and keep reading and writing.

*Sarah Cathey is the author of the fantasy novel Blue Star series which takes place on the three-mooned planet of Jeen. Her first two books released in 2019 have quickly garnered a following of devote readers and Sarah hopes that book three, Rise of the Daejeen, to be released mid-2020, will solidify herself in the fantasy realm of dragon novelists.

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