Fall of the Drjeen, fantasy book free on Kindle April 1-4.

Lovers of fantasy join us on a journey into a new fantasy novel series and the book, Fall of the Drjeen.

I’m excited to join the Cafe Legacy free book campaign and in the next couple weeks will offer both series books – Fall of the Drjeen and Birth of the Drajeen – free of charge for Kindle. Fall of the Drjeen will be available free on Kindle from April 1 to April 4, 2020. As with all of my books, I also offers books free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

“A blue star emerged over the planet of Jeen tossing chaos into a hierarchical world of castes. The Drjeen royalty are torn: flee, or stay… Or, does life no longer matter? How long will the lower settlement stay subservient as the royals follow ancient and secretive traditions of betrayal, assassination, and ego. Can a low-caste Drjeen and the most lauded warrior of the daken riders save the remnants of a civilization destined to be changed forever?Join Shakja and Shook as they journey into the Fall of the Drjeen.”

Fall of the Drjeen is my first novel and combines my two career experiences of veternary technician and flight instructor to step into the world of novelist. This series has been on my mind for decades and in 2019 began it’s own epic journey.

As with all books offered for free (or even paid for) author’s love reviews. So, after reading Fall of the Drjeen please take the time to leave an Amazon review.

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