The Blue Star Series

The Blue Star Series was not intended to be a series at all. Rather it evolved, much like the Drjeen from a single species into something much more.

I first began thinking of the planet Jeen when I was in middle school and as I got older I would sketch and scribble the occasional note. Though it wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that the story really began to come to life.

Like many writers we pull from our own experiences to develop fascinating stories. For me, and my early career as a veterinarian as well as my latter career as a flight instructor it seemed only natural that I created a world of creatures that could fly. Or, perhaps it was this world I’d been dreaming of for decades that led me to my careers.

However it came, I find myself no longer jotting notes, but rather putting story to paper. The Blue Star Series follows the lives of a humanoid-dragon type creature on the planet Jeen. There are of course similarities between the human race and that of the Jeen, however where they have significant advances in the sciences, they still follow a caste-like system and are ruled by archaic governance.

When a “blue star,” an asteroid comes close to striking the planet fear envelopes all Drjeen forcing a massive forced migration into the cavern of the ancients. Those who exist outside the caverns and those who live inside the caverns evolve over time. This culminates into a clash of a new age of Jeen and one that will forever change their world.

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